Robert Bigio Flute maker and author of books on the flute
Headjoints for flute, alto flute and piccolo
I have developed my headjoints over many years to produce a rich, dark sound that blends well with other instruments yet is capable of enough power for solo playing. Most of my headjoints are made of wood (usually African Blackwood, but occasionally other woods), although I do also make headjoints in silver, gold and platinum. I have made wooden headjoints with silver or gold inserts in the embouchure, as well as silver and gold headjoints with wooden lip-plates. My thinned headjoints are made from one piece of wood, with the lip-plate carved by hand. I now make thinned wooden headjoints for alto flutes, and I continue to make wooden headjoints for piccolos. This is a gallery of photographs of some of my recent headjoints.  (Scroll down for more pictures.)
Left to right: • Cocuswood (Brya ebenus) Very rare. Special order only. • Mopane (Colophospermum mopane) • African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) • African Blackwood with silver insert
The lip-plate of a cocuswood headjoint
Gold embouchure insert (Silver is also available)
Detail of a thinned and fluted alto flute headjoint
Left: standard piccolo headjoint Right: detail of a thinned headjoint lip-plate
Prices (in pounds Sterling) Flute headjoint, African Blackwood, thinned 1200.00 Flute headjoint, Mopane, thinned                1200.00 Flute headjoint, Cocuswood      POA Engine-decorated crowns, add   150.00 Fluted headjoint, add   300.00 Silver insert in embouchure, add     150.00 Please contact me for the price of a gold insert Silver lining to any flute headjoint, add   400.00 Silver flute headjoint 1200.00 Please contact me for the prices of gold or platinum headjoints or silver headjoints with gold or platinum lip-plates or risers Alto flute headjoint, African Blackwood, thinned            1500.00 Alto flute headjoint, African Blackwood, thinned and fluted              1800.00 Piccolo headjoint, African Blackwood   525.00 Piccolo headjoint, African Blackwood, thinned   600.00 Prices correct June 2019 E&OE Contact me: Home
Top row  Decorated crowns of different patterns for wooden headjoints Bottom row  Engine-turned silver crowns