Robert Bigio was born in the Middle East but grew up in Vancouver, Canada. He received a BMus from the University of British Columbia before coming to Britain where he obtained a PhD from the University of London. Robert played the flute professionally for many years before setting up as a flute maker. He is a well-known writer on the flute and flute manufacture and was for five years the editor of the journal of the British Flute Society. Robert is the author of two books on the flute: Readings in the History of the Flute, a selection of monographs, essays, reviews, letters and advertisements from nineteenth-century London; and the recently-published Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain. Robert’s publications include contributions for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians; the second edition of the Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (10 articles); Lexikon der Flöte (11 articles); as well as many articles and reviews in journals and newspapers. Contact 1 Doveridge Gardens London N13 5BJ England Telephone 020 8882 2627 (international +44 20 8882 2627) Mobile 07956 889302 (international +44 7956 889302) (Please note: the mobile number is preferred.) Website for Robert Bigio’s articles on the flute:
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